"Do not look for happiness, create it."

From an early age in Puerto Rico, Kenneth John began experiencing and appreciating fashion. He was a child living across the street from Western Manufacturing Pants, Inc. Since then, he has been developing his artistic and creative talents. He was awarded an institutional scholarship in Theater from the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamon, and he graduated with his bachelor's degree. He eventually landed in New York City to continue his career in modeling and acting. He has signed with different agencies and has worked on many film and television programs.

Kenneth John has a deep love for fashion and style. He chose to explore his talent as a fashion designer. He attended a certificate program, where he gained knowledge and experience at the State University of New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT NYC) in Manhattan, New York. He designed his own clothes and fur coats. He wants partnerships with investors and distributors to develop his fashion designs and multimedia products. In 2017, he founded Fashion Public Corporation with the goal of providing marketing, consulting, and media production services to the fashion industry. Through the company, he believes in the expansion and interconnectivity of fashion worldwide.

After 15 years of experience working in fashion as a model, actor, and designer, Kenneth John knows what appeals most to people in the fashion industry. He attracts the general public to a designer’s brand. It is the garment’s visual aesthetic, its philosophy, and its story that engage and connect with people. His clientele satisfaction motivated him to establish long term business relationships with other fashion designers, individuals, television stations, universities, and corporations. Fashion Public Corporation, with Kenneth John as CEO and Founder, partners with fashion industry professionals to develop digital content, business strategies and market their brands on both social media and traditional media.

Notably, while working in Fashion Media as a television producer, Kenneth John documents and reports on fashion events in New York City. Every season, he has attended high-end platforms such as NYFW: The Shows presented by IMG Worldwide, LLC. His film productions have aired on Brooklyn Free Speech TV. He is certified in Video Production in the Field and Mini-Studio Production by BRIC Media Education. He works as a production assistant at BRIC TV. Kenneth John is producing an upcoming short film documentary for BRIC TV.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Special and Elementary Physical Education from the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon. Kenneth John attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. In 2021, he was signed up to study sustainability in fashion at Farmingdale State College. He wants to find environmental solutions that can have a positive impact on the fashion landscape. In 2022, he is applying to a land-grant university. He will enroll in a Masters of Science in Fashion Design with a focus on Sustainability and Business. In addition, his commitment is to empower students through art, media, and fashion. He began providing educational services to our communities, including seniors and adults. He is teaching at the Brooklyn Public Library and SAGE NYC.


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  • Runway Model
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  • Actor
  • Menswear Stylist
  • Fashion TV Producer
  • Projects For The Community
  • Fashion Public Corporation

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